Custom Integration

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Fully Automated Process

We spent years perfecting our proprietary XML Integrator, which acts as an “adapter” between transactions from the EDI network and ERP systems.  Now you can reap the benefit of our hard work by using our XML Integrator to automatically import EDI transactions (e.g. Purchase Orders) from your customers into your existing ERP application.  After the ERP creates outbound transactions (e.g. Invoices, Advanced Shipment Notices, etc), our XML Integrator automatically picks them up and sends them to your customers over the EDI network.  We are very flexible with custom solutions and can tailor our process to your companies unique needs.

This fully automated process also eliminates manual data entries, which is prone to human error.  It also frees up your accounting personnel so that they can perform other more important tasks.  Our EDI Support team will take care of all the technical nitty gritty to make sure that your organization is in full compliant with all your customers in the EDI world.  This will help you save a tremendous amount time and money in the long run.

One single tool to receive and process orders

  • Automatic Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • FedEx, UPS and USP integration at no additional cost
  • Branded Packing Slips
  • Automated Inventory Feed (846)
  • Automated Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)
  • Automated ASNs based on shipment software integration
  • Shipping Software Integration
  • Pick and Pack feature to build complex pallet shipments
  • 3PL Integration
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