About Us

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can present enormous process, automation, and financial hurdles, whether it is new to you or not.  At Interlink Commerce, for the past 10 years and counting we are disrupting the EDI Service Industry.  We are obsessively passionate about making EDI simple through automation, sound business supply chain management and excellent customer service.

Co-founders, Ed and Steve Dewsnap, are brothers who combined their expertise with systems, technology and business acumen to build an innovative EDI service portal with the versatility to create integrated and unique solutions. We have become an exceptionally high ROI white glove solutions provider, known for our agility and integrity. Our support team owns the problem like no other, finding solutions in partnership with our family of customers; we are proud of our nearly 100% retention rate and work so hard to maintain it.

We know you have important things to tend to – sales, product innovation, or maybe your health or your kids. Interlink Commerce transforms the complicated world of EDI to straightforward solutions delivering automation and the timely data you need to efficiently manage your business process and make good decisions. We hope you will join us in living and working … simply.