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Interlink Commerce (formerly Microliance Business Solutions) has been helping companies automate and improve processes for over 20 years.   We have the experience and expertise to integrate your critical business processes.

Whether your goals are sales growth, profitability, organization excellence, or just having more time to enjoy the simple things in life, Interlink has the EDI solution for you.
Over the years, we have gained experience working with a number of highly configurable, industry-standard, business application and database technologies from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Sage Software. We stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Equally important, our capabilities transcend the purely technological realm because we have developed our acumen in real-world corporate business environments. We speak the same language you do. Our understanding of business workflows is unparalleled, thereby enabling us to generate creative, accurate and effective solutions for your business.

Our vision holds that cloud computing achieves unparalleled economies of scale it is the future of information systems, especially for  those who don’t have endless resources to hire and retain top-tier IT staff.

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